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"The education and training industry's most trusted, high validity/reliability self-assessment instruments."

1. Everything DiSC per hour
855.00 USD

One hour basic level of interpretation session; second level: compatibility; third level: classic patterns.

2. Personal Listening Profile - per hour
850.00 USD

Your personal listening profile equips you to be become more persuasive and skilled at reducing relationship tension. Listening is powerful. Listening is loving.

8. Leadership Styles
850.00 USD

How do you turn others on or off? Your leadership style motivates yourself and others. Learn how.

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11. Personal Learning Insights
850.00 USD

The Personal Learning Insights Profile® helps you identify your personal learning approach, communicate your learning needs, and access more effective learning resources.

Federal Deduction for Educational Expenses: Treasury regulation 1.162.2-5 income tax deductions for educational expenses & related per diem costs.


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