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Positive Sales Image = Positive Income

10AM or 5PM - January 28th LIVE WEBINAR "Everything DiSC" Sales Profile Webinar. 

Assess your knowledge and capacities. Identify popular advertising and promotional waste of money practices. Learn the habits of market leader dominators. Improve public image, sales relationships, referrals & bottom-line outcomes.


Learn how and why your personal style dictates how your business is perceived and how others comprehend its value.  Expect fun learning.

After registration you receive your DiSC profile assessement & Zoom link.  Bring report Monday January 28th at 10 AM or 5PM (MDT).  Fee includes followup 1:1 time and access to audio education and online profile comparision site. 

"Wiley's DiSC series is the education and training industry's most trusted, high validity/reliability self-assessment instruments."  

Federal Deduction for Educational Expenses: Treasury regulation 1.162.2-5 income tax deductions for educational expenses & related per diem costs.



"Everything DiSC™" boasts high validity & reliability ratings, and a database of 60+ million individuals, with one million more per annum. Famous in the world of education & training, DiSC™ is imitated by many self-proclaimed "me2" experts...who unwittingly provide bad information and perpetuate prevailing DiSC myths. It is NOT predictive.

Since the early 70's merging of Peter Drucker's traditional "management-by-objectives" organization development concept with the human potential movement, I've been a vintage frontline DiSC™ trainer experienced with the original "Personal Profile System."  I’ve observed that most "me2" DISC™ providers actually and unintentionally mislead their audiences by offering subjective interpretations based on two or three graphs, citing that graphs one and two represent an adaptive and a natural personality. A major cosmetics company teaches this "double personality" myth to its sales reps. There is no such thing! DiSC™ is NOT a clinical personality test.

Further data collection has proven that this pre-supposition leap of logic interpretation entirely wrong. Wiley Publishing reports that in the early 90s, the British Psychological Society conducted its own study of the 24-item DiSC questionnaire and concluded that graphs one and two were measuring nothing more than two different perspectives of self-perception. Current DISC providers who continue to support this assertion, or who cite 'percentage of population' style numbers based on their limited databases, are working with outdated and unsupported claims stated as facts.  For the real thing, call me.

I’ve learned that emotional intelligence means a heightened sensitivity of what others do not express, noticing subtle nuances of individual personal styles, developing a conscious, visceral awareness of emotional mindsets...and adaptation of ones' own emotional mindset. "Everything DiSC" has produced total culture shifts for Honda, Carhartt, Copper Leaf Gardens, and many other organizations by sharpening overall sales results.

*Additional DiSC™ research and material is available in PDF form and via an online, self-paced, audio educational component to this webinar, a bonus to all webinar participants. Teams may compare their DiSC™ placements on one shared culture map, and improve interpersonal relationships. Public Relations and Sales professionals can compare their unique promotional and sales styles with their prospect's perceived style.  




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